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Stopping the Madness

What I’ve notice lately as a bankruptcy attorney is this: no matter if you owe $12,000 in credit cards or $78,000, you will be harrassed if you stop making at least the minimum payments due. The telephone becomes maddening. You want to throw away mail before even opening the envelopes. You start to withdraw from society in many ways. You become depressed, aloof and angry at life in general. I see it again and again and again.

But seeing the weight being lifted from people’s shoulders after they meet with me is amazing. I recognize it in their faces, in their postures. After a consultation, one has a goal, and that goal could most likely lead to a fresh start. Wiping out a debt which was accumulating faster than it could be paid off is refreshing in the literal sense of the word. The tension starts to come off the household. Family members stop reacting and start acting. All one usually needs is a reason to take off in a new direction, and bankruptcy (although it sounds like a heinous word at first) is a right and a catalyst for a new and good direction. Consider it, and see a bankruptcy attorney. Overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.