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Streamlining the Budget

Most times, I write to educate, but sometimes I write to rant. Budgets are tight for many people today, but we are still entitled to a little entertainment. We have our video games, our gadgetry, our telephones and who doesn’t … MORE »

Collection Letters / Lawsuits / Judgments / Garnishments – How Much Time?

Many times, clients come to me for bankruptcy counseling after they have defaulted on their debts. The phone calls have already become relentless. They’ve received letters offering to assist them through this tough time. The letters come from the creditors … MORE »

Stopping the Madness

What I’ve notice lately as a bankruptcy attorney is this: no matter if you owe $12,000 in credit cards or $78,000, you will be harrassed if you stop making at least the minimum payments due. The telephone becomes maddening. You … MORE »