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Credit Repair / Credit Score Boosting

We handle credit score customers from all over the country and all over the world.


  1. Correct errors on your credit report
  2. Remove judgments, liens, loans and bankruptcy filings from your credit report
  3. Build or boost your credit score and
    * Help you get a better interest rate on that loan (auto, home, business or personal loan)
    * Help you get a better rate on that credit card
    * Help you get a better rate on your insurance premium


1.  My son has the same name as me but terrible credit.  As usual, whatever can go wrong has gone wrong.  The credit reporting agencies have included my son’s creditors on my report, and my credit score is obviously not where it should be.  Can you correct this problem, and how long will it take?
Yes, we can get your son’s creditors removed from your credit report in 45-90 days.

2.  I have judgments against me from years ago and they are still affecting my credit score.  In fact, I see a couple of judgments that are not even mine.  Can you help?
 Yes, we can get the illegitimate judgments removed right away and we can probably get the legitimate judgments off your report over the next few months to one year.

3.  I have no credit history, My score is 0. But now I would like to get financing.
 We can give you quite a boost off the line. Go from 0 to up to 700 in just weeks. Whatever your goal, we’ll get you there as fast as we can.

4.  I have a small business, and I need a business loan. However, the business has very little credit history and my personal credit is not stellar.
We can take care of you within 45 to 90 days. We’ll start cleaning up those old judgments and delinquencies, even an old bankruptcy in a short period. If negative reporting is not your problem, speak to us about building your score positively.

5.  I have no judgments and no errors on my credit report, but I service a car loan and mortgage.  Is there a way your company can help me get my credit score to be higher?
 Yes, we can give your credit score a boost, even without removing errors or old judgments.  Give us 45-90 days, and you will likely see a robust boost in your credit score.  Give us longer, and you will see more gains.

6.  I heard that the insurance companies now consider your credit score when assessing what kind of risk you are and the amount of your premium?  Is this legal?  If so, can you do anything for me?
Yes, the insurance companies have begun to consider your credit score.  The better your credit score, the more money you can save on the premium.  This is legal.  We can boost or build up your credit score, giving you results in as few as 45-90 days.  The longer we work on it, the higher your score will go.

7.  My credit score is 690.  I want to buy a house soon, maybe as soon as next year.  Please tell me how you can help me.
 First and foremost, we can help.  We will correct any errors.  We will remove judgments, old loans, even an old bankruptcy from your credit report.  Finally, we will boost your credit score over a relatively short period.  By the time you apply for a mortgage for your new home, you will be eligible for a much better interest rate than if you had done nothing, and the money you will save will astound. It’s like buying down your rate.